ClickN is a revolutionary Web3 application dedicated to implementing Game-Fi mechanics to reward holders every day. Every 24 hours, holders are eligible to claim a % of rewards proportional to their % holdings. But what if you could win more?

Thanks to our custom smart contract and oracle, we allow holders to head over to The Arena, to stake their daily reward, and fight another holder for a chance to win their daily reward! But please bear in mind that the bigger the spread is between each wallet's holdings, the higher the chance of winning / losing is, depending on which end you are.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

  • Burned
  • Reserved for presale
  • Reserved for private sale
  • Vested team tokens
  • Marketing & Staff


ClickN is a one-of-a-kind innovative BEP20 token allowing holders to challenge each other and have a go at The Arena! Become a part of this exciting community and be the first to know about all news concerning our project!


Sure! Let us give you a numerical example to better grasp the mechanism:

-Two holders want to have a go at The Arena: Player 1 has 1% of the circulating supply, Player 2 has 0.5% of the circulating supply.

Player 1 stakes his 1% and waits for a challenger, Player 2 heads over to the list of challengers and decides to fight Player 1

In this example, Player 2 has 50% less of the circulating supply than Player 1. Therefore, Player 2's chance of winning is equal to 25% while Player 1's chance of winning is equal to 75%. If Player 1 wins, he gets Player 2's 0.5%, or a total of 1.5% of the rewards pool he can claim on that day.

A total of 60 BNB will be raised for the private sale.

Our presale will have a hard cap of 300 BNB.

Many things!

We are one of the few projects that have a working product at launch, on top of being a competent team of highly skilled and connected individuals who aim to disrupt the space’s lack of innovation.

We value quality at ClickN, which is why we took all the necessary time required to build our own custom contract, dApp and oracle with a unique gamification mechanism that has not yet been seen in the space. Never before were you able to fight another holder – but here it finally is! No false promises, no silly roadmap with a holder count / market capitalization milestone to start building; everything is ready before private sale. We also have the necessary connections and network to make this a successful product as well as expand ClickN’s product range.


Phase 1: Q2 2022

  • Smart contract and oracle development
  • Website and dApp’s development
  • Beta testing The Arena and the matchmaking system’s implementation into the dApp
  • Opening of Private Sale
  • Initial marketing phase
  • Website and dApp release
  • Opening of Presale
  • Fully functional matchmaking system, custom contract, and oracle
  • Grand opening of The Arena’s first battles

Phase 2: Q2 / Q3 2022

  • Integrate new environments and fighting scenes to The Arena
  • Development of mobile application allowing holders to claim and access The Arena through their mobile phones
  • Development of smart contract and NFT compatibility with The Arena
  • Beta testing of Clickn’s mobile application

Phase 3: Q3 / Q4 2022

  • Release of Clickn NFTs integrated with The Arena’s matchmaking system allowing for holders to play with their characters
  • Release of the mobile application
  • Expand Clickn’s product / service range